Public pages are separate from your internal account area and are available to everyone publicly when enabled. You can share your existing Plant projects to your public page, but the internal process of work and version history will remain behind the scenes.

Here is how public pages look like with shared files.

With public pages you can:

  • Add your files to your public pages to share them with anyone who is not registered on Plant.

  • Control the permissions to download files from your public pages. The version of the project on your public page may be older from the one you are currently working on and if you wish to, you can update the already shared project to the latest version.

  • If you worry about privacy and have strict security rules, it is possible to provide access to the project via a private link without showing projects on your public page.

How to:

  1. Create a personal public page.

  2. Create a team public page.

  3. Share a project on a public page.

  4. Share a project with a private link.

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