March 13, 2021

New in Plant:

We’re happy to bring search functionality to the Plant web app and plugin. Search for folders, projects, artboards - the search will flexibly adapt to your needs and speed up your workflow.


  1. We have completely revised and changed the dropdown for artboard navigation within the artboard detail view. Now the artboard list view is split into folders and you can easily find what you need.

  2. Added support for versioning files stored in Sketch Cloud and Sketch for Teams.

Issue fixed:

  1. Fixed an issue that caused the application to crash when the project version was partially restored.

  2. Fixed an issue, due to which the option to save the file did not work when the autosave mode was disabled in Sketch, for a file versioned in Plant.

  3. Fixed an issue, which led to reopening of the modal window when receiving a copy of the project created in a newer version of Sketch.


February 16, 2021

We’re happy to introduce Public Pages on Plant!

You can now share your existing Plant projects with anyone publicly or with a private link for your personal and team accounts.

  • You can add your files to your public pages to share them with anyone who is not registered on Plant.

  • Control the permissions to download a public project file.

  • If you worry about privacy and have strict security rules, it is possible to provide access to the project by enabling a private link without showing projects on your public page.

Issue fixed:

Fixed an issue, which led to the display of a screen with an unknown error when initiating a download of changes and receiving a copy of the project from the host-app, in a case when the attribute of the quarantined application was not removed from Sketch on macOS.


February 4, 2021


  1. General and performance improvements.

  2. Implemented a new onboarding process for users.


January 26, 2021

New in Plant:

  1. Implemented native support for Apple M1 Chip.

  2. Implemented the ability to add a user to all team projects from the user settings in the team.

  3. Improved the loading performance of the file changes counting window.

Issue fixed:

  1. Fixed an issue that caused a file previously added to Sketch Cloud to get out of sync.

  2. Fixed an issue in which an invalid file was created after resolving an artboard conflict of a library symbol instance.

  3. Fixed an issue, which led to the inability to log in to the application if SSO OpenID authorization was configured.

  4. Fixed an issue where project previews were not displayed on the "All projects" screen in macOS Big Sur.

  5. Fixed an issue, when incorrect data of changes in the structure of a linked file with a local repository was displayed.

  6. Fixed an issue where folders were not sorted correctly in the web application

  7. Fixed an issue that reset the selected zoom for the artboard in full-screen view.

  8. Fixed an issue where the local symbol continued to be displayed in the Sketch Components panel after restoring the version of the project in which this symbol was deleted.

  9. Fixed an issue in which the Plant panel disappears when the Sketch inspector is enabled, but other panels are disabled in Sketch.

  10. Fixed an issue with Plant panel overlapping the Sketch inspector.

  11. Fixed an issue, in which an invitation letter to the project was not sent to an unregistered user at Plant.

  12. Fixed an issue, which led to the display of a screen with a message that the Sketch file is not linked to the project if the Sketch application was closed during the download of changes.

  13. Fixed an issue that led to the opening of the wrong version of the library symbol instance in the web application.

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