A team account on Plant allows you and your team to work more efficiently and is more beneficial for your business. Invite your colleagues to your team and all team members will get all of the priviledges of your plan within your team.

Flexible Team Management

Get a clear view of all members within the team. See which projects each member is on, their activity, and their role.

Set Multimple Admins

Set other team members as admins to manage your team, team projects and farther expand efficiency of your entire team.  

Invite Unilimited Viewers

Invite all project stakeholders who are not contributors as viewers. Viewers can view designs on the web app, leave feedback and follow projects.

Team Slack Integration

Connect your team Slack account and get project notifications in your Slack channels.

Organize with Folders

Use folders to separate files into different groups to help your team be more organized, find projects easier and save time.


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