If you moved or renamed your file, then the next time you try to open it from the web app or host app, you may receive the message “File Not Found”.

In this case follow the actions below to help Plant find the file and associate it with the repository.

  1. Close the window with the message.

  2. Close Sketch.

  3. Find your file on your hard disk and open it.

If the problem persists, please take the following steps:

  1. Close Sketch.

  2. Move your current design file to another folder.

  3. Open Sketch.

  4. Get a new copy of this project.

  5. Open the old file.

  6. Go to All projects screen from Plant plug-in.

  7. On the same project click More Options > Project settings.

  8. On local repository click More Options > Relink file.

  9. Choose the old file.

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