When the user logs in using the Plant Mac app, then the app writes their keys to the Keychain Access and in order for some other application to access them, it must request access to the Keychain Access. In our case it is Sketch inside which the plugin is located (from the OS point of view the plugin and Sketch are the same). The same is the reverse — when we login through the Sketch (plugin), it writes the keys to the keychain, and the App should ask for permission to access.

When you see this screen:

  1. Type your macOS password.

  2. Click Always Allow.

If you accidentally clicked on “Deny” button, then try the steps below

MacOS High Sierra:

  1. Open Keychain Access.

  2. In Search field type “plant”.

  3. Select all items with “plant”.

  4. Delete them.

  5. Restart MacOS.

  6. Open Plant app.

  7. Go to Apple menu bar > Plant icon.

  8. Insert your email and password.

  9. Click Login.

MacOS Sierra or higher:

  1. In Plant login screen insert email and password.

  2. Click Login.

  3. In Keychain Access window.

  4. Click Always Allow.

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