Artboard conflict

In case of a conflict, Plant will prompt you to compare and choose desired artboard.

  1. Delete the unwanted artboard.
  2. Click Finish.
  3. Continue sending or loading your changes.
  4. To solve all conflicts at once, click More Options button and select a version to resolve all conflicts.

Structure conflict

  1. Choose file structure version between My Version and Latest Version.
  2. Click Resolve.
  3. Continue sending or loading your changes.

Make sure that you have selected the option in all the conflicts that have arisen (scroll down in case Resolve button is still disabled).

Learn more on how to:

  1. Create new project.
  2. Get copy of a project
  3. Manage contributors.
  4. Send new version.
  5. Load latest version.
  6. Restore any version.
  7. Compare versions.
  8. Opening web app on latest project and artboard version.
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