🚀 New Host App for Plant. Our new host app is redesigned to be more useful and functional for the users, with the following new features.

  • Receive visual notifications for changes in your projects.

  • View list of projects you are working on.

  • Open project Sketch files from the host app.

  • See the latest activities.


  • Ability to open web app on latest project version or latest artboard version from the Sketch.

  • Ability to open the project file from “Active projects”.

  • Ability to move the project between Personal and Team.

  • Added tooltips for Plant panel buttons in Sketch.

  • Ability to reduce number of contributors on Pro plan.

  • Ability to restore password from the login screen in the plugin.

  • Improved process of adding and removing a user to project and team on web app.

  • Improved process when sending a symbol and artboard containing the instance of a symbol.

  • Improved  process when restoring a version.

  • Improved notification system when creating a team project.

  • General improvements when resolving document structure conflicts.

  • For increased security, the ability to change the email address has been removed at this time.

  • Improved the processing of changes that involve floating point operations.

Issue fixed

  • Fixed a rare issue which may cause Sketch to crash after migration to the new Plant version.

  • Fixed a rare issue which caused Sketch to crash in Document Styles conflict.

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to Sketch's crash due to not being able to generate a preview of an artboard or page.

  • Fixed an issue causing Sketch to crash when Loading, Restoring and Resolving conflicts if the file is on an external disk.

  • Fixed an issue with updating the preview of the artboard containing the instance from a file installed, like Library.

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to Sketch's crash on the “Get Copy” process.

  • Fixed an issue that led Sketch to crash  in some specific cases when resolving artboard conflicts

  • Fixed an issue with processing comments containing some Unicode characters.

  • Fixed an issue of removing users with status of “pending invitation” from projects when deleting from a team.

  • Fixed an issue caused by e-mail field being case sensitive.

  • Fixed an issue with displaying the list of users in the project from the project page.

  • Fixed an issue with the inability to log into the application if the email address contained “+”.

  • Fixed an issue with a change in the order of pages and artboards in the auto-resolution of a structural conflict.

  • Fixed an issue with a permanent finding of phantom changes in the artboard containing a text layer with the settings Type List.

  • Fixed a rare issue with Plant panel installation which can cause Sketch to crash.

  • Fixed a rare issue which caused document colors to duplicate after conflict resolution.

  • Fixed a rare issue which made some layers invisible after updating to Sketch 49 version and loading changes.\

📌 Introducing annotations. Improve team collaboration by leaving feedback directly on designs in web app, without spending too much time explaining. Whether you are a contributor or just a viewer, simply drop a pin on an artboard and add your comments. You can leave feedback, mention any user on the project and resolve comments as they get completed.


  • Sketch 48 supported.

  • Improved conflict resolution process for document structure — page and embedded artboard changes in close versions is no longer considered a structural conflict.

  • Activity page link has moved to global navigation.

  • Improved navigation in Version History panel.

  • Performance improvements.

Issue fixed

  • Fixed an issue with the loss of new artboards on loading latest version.

🎁 We are pleased to present pricing plans and the ability to create a team on the Pro plan.


  • Improved process of generating a document for the artboard's conflict resolution.

  • Improved process of resolving the structural conflict.  Added artboards and pages in similar versions are not considered to be structure conflicts.

Issue fixed

  • Fixed an issue with displaying an unknown error screen when the user tries to download changes to the project in which it was deleted.

  • Fixed an issue causing crash after double clicking on the “Resolve” button in the Structural Conflict window.

  • Fixed an issue with the loss of a record on the “Activity” page regarding users added to a project.

🎉 Plant now fully supports Sketch Libraries! You can use Libraries across all your projects.


  • Improved Slack integration

Issue fixed

  • When on document structure conflict resolution popup, users were not able to scroll all the way to the bottom and information was left hidden below.

🎉 Push notifications in Plant panel and Slack integration is out!


  • Accelerated loading of data on the “Active Projects” screen.

  • Improved display of the Plant panel in the Sketch inspector.

  • macOS High Sierra supported. 

Issue fixed

  • Fixed an issue with loading the latest changes from the “Active Projects” screen.

  • Fixed an issue with opening templates created on the early version of Sketch.

  • Fixed an issue with app launch from Safari.

🎉 Send only the changes you want to share — send only the selected artboards you want your teammates to see. Keep the project clean for everyone without showing any unfinished work.


  • Improved conflict resolution process for following entities:

       — Artboard.
       — Document structure.
       — Document styles and Document plugin data.

Issue Fixes

  • Fixed a rare issue causing a crash when opening files from web app.

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