🎉 All new Plant panel for the Sketch inspector — get quick access to most used functions. 


  • Ability to open a project sketch file from a web app.

  • Ability to open web app from the plugin.

  • Ability to view info about the latest changes before loading them.

  • Brand new macOS icon.

  • Sketch 46.1 supported.


  • Ability to add users to a project from “All Projects” page.

  • Ability to leave a project.

  • Ability to filter projects on “All Projects” page.

  • Improved process of adding users to a project.

  • Improved tracking of changes on a file.

Issue Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing crash after resolving structural conflicts.

  • Fixed an issue causing crash after resolving artboard conflicts.

  • Fixed an issue caused when re-adding a user to the project.

🎉 Compare versions — understand what's changing in your design version-by-version.


  • Added fullscreen mode for viewing an artboard.

  • Added dedicated page for all activities on a project.

  • Added scroll in the notes when loading the latest changes.

  • Improved restore function via web app.

  • Improved handling of duplicate artboard ID’s in Sketch.

  • Ability to navigate through list of users with keyboard when adding a user.

  • Improved behavior of the back button on the artboard page when navigating through versions.

  • Improved handling of unknown errors.

  • The name “Document Shared Styles” has been changed to “Document Styles”, which includes the following:

       — Text shared styles and Layer shared styles.
       — Document colors, Document gradients, and Document patterns.
       — Layout and Grid.
       — Third party plugin data.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issueafter the resolution of artboard conflict, if server version of artboard is chosen then Plant won’t send any changes of your selection.

  • Fixed an issue when trying to send latest changes while the user is not logged in.

  • Fixed an issue showing the default state of the button, after adding the user to the project.

  • Fixed an issue of overlapping pagination in the project history when the browser window was reduced.

  • Fixed an issue with the layout on the screen for resolving the structural conflict.

  • Fixed an issue with overlapping navigation dropdown during artboard hover state.


  • Sketch 44 supported.

Issue Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with generating preview of artboards which was causing app to crash.

🎉 The new way to monitor the history of versions in your project. From now on Plant maintains a history of changes not only on the artboards, but also on the whole file.


  • Full support of new Sketch format (Sketch 43).

  • Faster processing for sending changes.

  • Track when and what changes are made on the project more precisely.

  • Ability to share a link to a specific version.

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