• Improved handling of artboard conflicts.

  • Improved process of loading the latest changes from the active projects screen.

  • Improved handling of issues during autosave.

  • Sketch 43 supported.


  • Improved tracking of changes for any complex cases with overrides symbols.

  • Files automatically open after getting a copy of the project.

  • Support for the context menu on the login screen.

  • Thumbnails get updated on web app for artboards that have had changes.

Issue Fixes

  • Fixed auto updating.

  • Fixed symbol instance changes processing issue.


  • Added support for: 

        — Document shared styles.
        — Document colors, Document gradients and Document patterns.
        — Third party plugin data.

  • Getting a copy of files from Plant for the first time will use project name as default.

  • Space usage indicator will change color when running low on space.

  • Improved process when adding a new member to a project.


  • Improved version restore process.

  • Improved process of rendering the document after load, restore and conflict resolution.

  • Faster display of artboard previews in a web app.

  • Added email notifications about changes in projects.

  • Ability to use additional artboard versions in conflict resolution process.

Issue Fixes

  • Opening or closing layer folders in artboards no longer considered as a change.

  • Fixed an issue of data loss in symbols overrides after conflict resolution.

  • Fixed symbol instance overrides processing.


  • Added support for nested symbols.

  • Improved conflict resolution experience.

Issue Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with data loss in symbol overrides.



Issue Fixes

  • Fixed symbol instance overrides processing.

  • Fixed “Get Copy” process issue.

  • Improved sending changes and document structure processing.

  • We have made some general bug fixes and performance improvements.



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